A message from your club.

Now that The Merewether Development Application (DA) is on public exhibition it’s time to support the upgrades to club and residences. It is proposed to demolish the existing Merewether Golf Club and establish temporary facilities while the new buildings are under construction. Temporary facilities will include a car park and clubhouse. We are asking you, the members, to show your support by agreeing to submit a DA support letter to Newcastle Council, that you are in favour of the new plans.

All you have to do is enter your details below and we will do the rest for you, on your behalf.

Please select from the drop-down menu below, how you wish to support The Merewether. Once you have submitted your form, we will contact you with a letter that will be submitted on your behalf.


    If you would like to submit a letter yourself please follow below steps in how to do so

    How to make a submission:

    Make your submission in writing.

    1. Quote the DA number  (DA2021/00071)  and assessing officers’ name (AGALE) at the beginning of your submission.

    2. Clearly state the reasons why you support the proposed development. Important points can be highlighted using dot points and/or headings.

    Examples of how you support your development

    • It is creating new and much-needed amenity available to all members of the community
    • It’s architectural merit to the community
    • Because of its landscaping plan in planting more mature trees around the development
    • It is delivering much need Over 55’s housing to Merewether
    • The proposed development is permissible and within the SCC approval
    • The improvement of off-street parking will improve traffic flow in the immediate area
    • It provides much-needed homes and still ensures we have an 18 hole golf course
    • The building height was carefully established based on the existing vegetation and tree canopy within the Golf Course

    3. Include your name, postal address, email address and daytime telephone number. This will assist the assessment officer should clarification be required regarding any matters raised in your submission.

    Send the submission by email to , post or deliver it personally to CN. If using the post, make sure you allow sufficient time for delivery by 5.00pm on the closing date for submissions.

    If you make a written submission, an acknowledgement letter will be sent to you and a copy of your submission will be placed on CN’s website. The matters that are relevant to the proposed development will be taken into account when determining the application. Matters that are not directly relevant will not be taken into consideration in the DA assessment.

    Please reach out to if you have any trouble and we will be more than happy to help you.